The Play That Goes Wrong

Despite their West End antics the Cornley Polytechnic Drama Society have somehow managed to bag themselves a UK tour  of their much acclaimed production of 'Murder at Haversham Manor'.  This is the premise for 'The Play That Goes Wrong' and is continued throughout the programme and the theatre to fully immerse the audience in the story.  If you found the Christmas TV special hilarious then you really will love this as it makes the TV show look boring it is so funny!

It is advisable to take your seat in the auditorium early as there are actors dressed as technical staff making changes to the set and interacting with the audience, I would also advise sitting on the left hand side of the theatre as the right hand box is used as part of the set and is hard to see if you sit on the right like I did.

The Play That Goes Wrong is very much a comedy and everything that you can possibly imagine could go wrong, and more, does!  I do not want to give too much away as this would spoil the show but make sure you take some tissues as you will be crying with laughter from the start!  Henry Lewis, Jonathan Sayer and Henry Shields, the 3 writers of the play, have written a piece of comic genius that has all members of the audience rolling in the aisles as their sides split with laughter and the actors received a very worthy standing ovation at the end.

Of course you can have the best script in the world but if your actors are not talented it will fall flat on its face.  The actors in this production are all fantastic with Edward Judge appearing to be a particular favourite with the audience particularly in the scenes which take place upstairs.  Comic timing is everything in this production as a lot of the comedy has a slapstick element to it and the actors all have that timing down to a fine art.  The genius set design also adds to this production, nothing more can really be said without giving away secrets.

If you want a night of side splitting comedy then this is the show to see.  The audience were laughing from start to finish as The Play That Goes Wrong definitely went right.  Get your tickets now before it is too late and the laughter moves on to another city.

Reviewed by Daniel Keen at the Regent Theatre, Stoke-on-Trent.

This production of The Play That Goes Wrong is currently touring the UK until 5th  August. For more information and to book tickets visit the shows website.