Sunny Afternoon

Back in the 1960s the British music scene was full of up and coming bands including the Beatles, Rolling Stones and, the focus of this show, The Kinks.  The Kinks were active between 1964 and 1993 and this show features some of their most famous music from this period including: Lola, You really got me, Waterloo Sunset and of course Sunny Afternoon. 

The story of the show has the audience gripped from the outset as they are shown a glimpse of what life is like for struggling young musicians.  Along the way there are plenty of people looking to rip them off and exploit their talents which creates a number of twists throughout the show.

When the audience first walk into the theatre they know something is different about this show, there is a stage extension cutting through the stalls allowing the actors to come right out into the audience, something not seen at the Regent before.  This is used to great effect throughout the show to help bring the audience into the story and works really well for the end when the audience are up on their feet dancing, it creates a real concert feel to the theatre.  The sound system is also very impressive for this show and is really tested during some iconic numbers, it really helps to get the venue rocking.

The real stand out feature of this show is the cast.  They are all immensely talented musicians as well as actors as all of them play a live instrument on stage at some point throughout the evening.  The chemistry between them all is superb and for most of the evening it is hard to believe you are not sat watching a documentary on a big screen as the action is so convincing and real.
Sunny Afternoon is a fantastic feel good show that has some iconic and great music to keep an audience of all ages not only entertained but up on their feet and dancing in the aisles.  Make sure you see it before it is too late!

Reviewed by Daniel Keen at the Regent Theatre, Stoke-on-Trent.

This production is currently touring the country until Saturday 13th May 2017.  For more information on where you can catch it visit the shows website: