Rock of ages
Rock of Ages is well known around the world not just for its excellent stage production but also because of the blockbuster film which was released not that long ago.  The stage version and the film are not carbon copies however and some of the music is different, in my opinion it is a better selection in the stage version!
From the moment the show starts you feel like you are in a rock concert with all the lighting and sound to go with it.  The set is cleverly designed with sections that keep appearing and disappearing so you feel like you are in a concert one minute and then out on the strip the next.
The cast are all highly talented with Lucas Rush being a particular highlight.  He narrates the show through his character and has fantastic presence on the stage and interaction with the audience which really brings them in to the show, sitting on the front row isn't advisable if you don't like being picked on.
Kevin Kennedy is also a stand out performer with his comedy timing and interactions with the other characters, trying not to give too much away! ;) and I was amazed at Kevin Clifton.  Like most people I am aware of Kevin from Strictly Come Dancing but I was not aware of his tremendous acting talent and singing voice!  His stage presence as Stacee Jaxx is undeniable and his singing is fantastic.
The music is the true star of the show and a live band play throughout the entire show on stage as part of the spectacle.  The musical numbers include: The Final Countdown, We built this city, I Wanna Rock and the brilliant finale number Don't Stop Believin'.
I felt the storyline of the show was a bit lacklustre and lacked something, it wasn't conveyed as well as in the film, however this was more than made up for by the immense talent in the cast, the sing along music numbers and the brilliant dance routines to give a great evening of theatre.
Reviewed by Daniel Keen at the Regent Theatre, Stoke-on-Trent.