Jersey Boys

The story of Frankie Valli & the four seasons is back on the road again and Oh What a Night you'll have!

From the moment you enter the theatre you know you are in for a great night of feel good music and storytelling.  The show, unlike other jukebox musicals, actually tells the story of the group which leads to the audience experiencing a wave of different emotions throughout the evening.  The heart strings are really pulled in the second half when Frankie's daughter dies and he sings 'Fallen Angel'.

Michael Watson plays Frankie Valli and he does this with great vigour.  His voice is perfect for the role, although at times lacking a bit of power, and blends well with the other singers in the group.  The attention to detail that has gone into the show is excellent.  Making sure the actors not only sound like their characters but also look  like them as much as possible, at least in terms of height.

When the show first starts you are tricked into thinking the set is quite

basic but it doesn't take long for it to get more intricate as screens are

revealed and microphones appear in front of the singers.  I particularly

enjoyed the drummer who travelled around  most of the stage on a

motorised platform throughout the show.

This show pulls at your heart strings and has you laughing in equal measure but, most importantly, it has one of the best music selections  there is!  The back catalogue of the Four Seasons must have been a dream come true for the writers.  At no point do the songs feel shoe horned in, they all suit the mood of the story perfectly, and they are all songs the audience know.

                                                                Having seen Jersey Boys in the west end and on its previous tour I                                                                      felt this incarnation lacked something that I couldn't quite put my                                                                        finger on.  However I still had a brilliant night watching a great show                                                                  that I would highly recommend you go and see.  It is a great night                                                                        out, although not suitable for younger children due to some of the                                                                      language used, that you will remember for a long time.

Reviewed by Daniel Keen at the Regent Theatre, Stoke-on-Trent.

Jersey Boys is playing at the Regent Theatre until Saturday 17th February and touring the country until 30th March 2019.  For tickets and further information visit the shows website.